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Daniel Ash

Daniel Ash

I am currently a student on Bournemouth University’s multi-media journalism MA. For my final project I chose to look at how the Libyan conflict has affected British-Libyans as I think it is an  area with a lot of gripping stories and interesting people. I am interested in how Gaddafi and this war, taking place within a small population, is impacting on people within English communities and how there’s a substrata of our society that’s dealing with knowing (in some cases seeing in the news, or on the internet) that friends and family are in a war zone and are having to deal with news reports showing them the ravaged landscapes they once called home.

I would like to get involved with journalism that delves into important issues and that provides background, context, detail and information that are required for an audience to have a fully-informed opinion.

As an undergrad I studied English Literature and History at Lancaster University and came out with first. I took this course as I believe that history and literature are vital ways to understanding current affairs, cultures, politics and people. I enjoy writing as much as possible and in multiple forms (some with more success than others) and I have a blog with reviews, comment, news and features (www.mediamire.wordpress.com).

Please get in touch with any questions, complaints, information or whatever. You can email me at: danielash3@gmail.com or get in touch via twitter @danielash101


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