Gaddafi and the UK – a troubled history

newspaper clippings about the hit-squad

The British-Libyans who are opposing Gaddafi have faced a history filled with terrorism, assassinations and violence. Shortly after Benghazi fell to Libyan rebels Omar al Sodani was arrested for being a senior member of Gaddafi’s Revolutionary Committee. Unlike the other prisoners that were captured (Gaddafi soldiers and alleged mercenaries) Omar’s history goes back decades and … Continue reading

Facebooking the revolution

Revolution on Facebook

“He was a close friend of mine; he was my room mate in Bournemouth where we studied together. I was just watching the news one night and I saw him lying there.” Most people use social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to update friends and family on their life, emotions and daily trivia. … Continue reading

The uprising’s impact

Libyan Independence flag

At a Libya awareness day in Manchester I was able to speak to British-Libyans about how the uprising in Libya had affected them and the community they live in. The footage of the fighting in Libya used in this video cannot be entirely independently verified.  It was sourced from the Misurata Freedom Group, which is … Continue reading