UK – Libya focus

Libyan Independence flag

British-Libyan wears the Libyan Independence flag

For Libyans, the date February the 17th has become synonymous with the fight for freedom and democracy. Since that day the UK’s Libyan community has been gripped by the news from their home-land of demonstrations turning into battles, of international politics and NATO’s bombing campaign, of oppressive vengeance and desperate fighting.

This website seeks to explore how this conflict, that has caught the attention of people and politicians across the world, has affected British-Libyans, the largest population of ex-pat Libyans in the world. I have tried to understand the impact of a war 1,500 miles away on the people in our communities who risk losing friends and family, but who hope to gain a country free from a despised ruler. What has been the impact of a war that has been streamed in its raw form online, that has brought communities together that had previously been split by fear and which changes day by day?

Please post your thoughts and comments on the topics I’ve written about or that you think I’ve missed.  

Editorial justification for images and footage

The footage and images of the fighting in Libya used cannot be entirely independently verified.  I have tried to ensure as much reliability as possible by using footage from the Misurata Freedom Group, which is the most verifiable source of UGC within Libya, or from examples of the type of UGC images major news organizations have broadcast. I deemed this footage to be editorially justified as the sources were as reliable as possible and I believe them to be effective representations of the footage the UK’s Libyan community was watching.

4 Responses to “UK – Libya focus”
  1. gbrazier says:

    Interesting topic Dan and very imformative! Good work.

  2. vastridge says:

    Good website, informative and interesting. Also good interview with anonymous police officer.

  3. Ben Edwards says:

    Good work Mr. Ash, the site looks great and your articles make for some great reading.

  4. melleon2 says:

    good to see an interesting look at the social media aspect of the arab-spring

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